September 2021

Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

Hey, hope you all are doing fine. First of all, I would like to say that be hydrated, drink water and stay safe.

In this blog, I’m going to write down my journey of level zero. How I came to know about this Tanay sir!! How I came to know about this neogcamp!! How does it feel after completing a project, deploying it and most importantly sharing it in the friend’s group and getting the reaction of them!!! If you want to feel it then you have to stick with this blog till the end…

Knowing Tanay sir and neogcamp

Ok so it was starting off the month of November and I was on the call with my friend and we were talking about the youtube channels that we are watching these days and then he asked me “Hey do you know Tanay Pratap?”, I said “yes he is in my connection list on LinkedIn, he works in Microsoft and has a youtube channel which I still haven't checked..” then he says “yes he has a youtube channel and have good content over there on react and he is about to launch something called neogcamp”. So I was really looking forward to it and after waiting for few days you launched it live on youtube and after watching that stream I felt really good and I was like let's do this and at least make my weekend productive.

Feeling after completing a project

Taking a live class of level zero on weekends was a really good time utilisations I was doing those days. After watching his live videos and taking notes and making those applications I started sharing them on my friend’s groups and they all were like “hey this Is nice”, “sahi h” and you know that feeling was surreal.

That’s all from my side for this blog. Let’s meet in another blog see you soon!