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Hello before going directly to the data types of javascript we will see the variable containers used in javascript. …

September 2021

Hey, hope you all are doing fine. First of all, I would like to say that be hydrated, drink water and stay safe.

In this blog, I’m going to write down my journey of level zero. How I came to know about this Tanay sir!! How I came…

Hello everybody out there, I’m Mayank Kumar Jha currently studying in SRM KTR, Chennai. I’m in my 2nd year right now studying ECE and apart from that I love web development and you know that vidya baatney se badhti h
( Sharing knowledge will clear your so many concepts and eventually you will have a piece of good knowledge) about any topic.

This is a simple intro of mine will keep sharing my knowledge with you guys.

Thanks for giving your precious time to this and you can follow me to be updated.

Mayank kumar jha

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